Our Philosophy Block

THIS IS OUR PHILOSOPHY, and it has been incorporated in every aspect of our firm since our inception in 1990:

We offer an array of services integrated with the latest in web based technology designed to address the major areas of personal financial management such as Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Risk Management, as well as Income Tax and Cash Flow Planning.

Because we coordinate the efforts of your advisors, you benefit from an integrated, systematic approach to financial management. Whether you need advice in one specific area or need a comprehensive financial plan, our services can be customized to suit your particular objective.

As the cornerstone of our services, we offer professional investment consulting through a method driven by your goals and guided by our portfolio management expertise.

Our Strategy provides the means for you to invest in a logical and deliberate fashion as opposed to being haphazardly “sold” investments, which may not be appropriate.

The heart of our approach is the concept that through proper asset allocation, a disciplined investment style and a well-informed selection process, we can provide consistent results while working within your tolerance for risk.

We begin this process by understanding your financial objectives and risk profile, and then designing an appropriate mix which establishes how investment dollars should be distributed among equities, fixed income, and cash.

Over time, we will periodically recommend revisions in the asset allocation and investment selection according to changes in your individual needs as well as changes in the financial markets.

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